In my 30's I often tried every diet fad you could imagine. As I got closer to my late 30's I knew I did not want to go into my 40's feeling sluggish and unfit as I have been for the past 10 years. I was introduced to 21 day fix. I played around with it for a couple of months, eating as best as I could and one day it just clicked. I KNEW it was time. WOW, what difference. I felt better, happier, stronger, more motivated, I sleep better, and have energy to do just about everything without getting stressed out. I thought I wanted to do this to loose weight, but now I have a whole new outlook on health and fitness.

My family use to eat unhealthy food, but now even my kids no longer want to eat like that! They have grown so much just by changing the way they eat. We are talking 2+ inches in just 4 months of healthy eating. Its proof!

My main purpose is to make a difference. If I can make a difference with just one person, that would make my mission even more valuable. My greatest accomplishment would be for everyone to understand how great it feels to be healthy... to have the strength and will power to exercise and eat healthy.

I would like to DSC_0013share my knowledge as a coach about exercise, and how to find time to make that commitment to just 30 minuets every day. As busy as I am, I know it IS possible to make 30 minutes a day. When talking about nutrition - it’s about WHAT you eat, WHEN you eat, and HOW MUCH you eat. Simple!! People who follow those basic guidelines will notice it’s a change they will want to keep for life 🙂

For more information on 21 Day Fix portion control and eating plans you can contact me!