About Me

DSC_9814I remember when I was young, on Sundays my parents would take their afternoon naps…and that gave me the perfect opportunity to get messy in the kitchen.  I remember making anything from corn fritters, to fudge and even homemade pies.  Since then, creating and cooking recipes has become one of my passions.  I spend all of my spare time creating something new in the kitchen.  And who are my best and worst critics?  My four picky children and my husband, of course!

My full time job is COO of a thriving and busy marketing firm, and a mom of four. By the time we get home, we are struggling to make the time to do after school activities, household chores, and homework (maintaining honor roll of course).  I am blessed with smart children, but they work hard for those grades!  Then its time for dinner, and I have one VERY picky eater.  I strive each day to make something that everyone likes.  Sometimes it’s a hit, and sometimes it’s a miss.

Over the years, I have saved many recipes that are tried and true.  I recently started a fitness program most people have heard of called 21 Day Fix.  A lot of my recipes are created using the 21 Day Fix nutritional  guidelines.  The struggle is to make it kid and husband friendly.  Over time, friends and family have asked me to pass along recipes.  Then I had an idea… and that’s when Express Your Appetite was born.  I wanted to create a website that I can pass the link along, rather than just a recipe.  I hope you will find some of the recipes useful for your family as well!

Cheers to family, health and food!   Lets eat!